Flat Rock United Methodist Church has a deep and rich history extending all the way back to 1805. The actual body of Jesus followers today at Flat Rock was officially organized in 1831 as a Methodist Protestant Church which was a newly splintered faction from the Methodist Episcopal Church – primarily over governance issues. It remained Methodist Protestant until 1939 when the northern and southern Methodist Episcopal Churches and the Methodist Protestant Church all merged to form The Methodist Church. In 1968, The Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Churches merged to create today’s The United Methodist Church.

While The UMC has ordained females since its creation in 1968, and whereas some of the groups that eventually converged to create The United Methodist Church had been ordaining women since late in the 19th Century, it wasn’t until recently Flat Rock United Methodist Church received its first female pastor. In the summer of 2017, The Rev. Clarinda E. Crawford, relocating from Indiana, became the first female leader of Flat Rock UMC. You can read more about her on our Staff & Volunteers page.