Beginning of Flat Rock Church: William Ogburn gave one (1) acre of land on the 12th day of August, 1804, to be used for a church site. (Recorded in Book #2 page 213 in the Clerk’s Office of Guilford County Courthouse, Greensboro, NC.) The following names are mentioned in the deed: George McKinney, Drura Peeples, Thomas Cummings, Oliver Medeans, and Robert Mucham (Trustees). As to the exact date the church was organized we can find nothing. There was a log house in 1804 or 1805 on the lot just south of the present stone church. This building was used for a school house, also for preaching services.

In 1842 Edmond Ogburn and Isaacs Oaks gave three (3) acres of land for a school house sight. (Recorded in Book #27 page 135 in the Clerk’s Office of Guilford County Courthouse, Greensboro, NC.) In 1847 Edmond Ogburn gave three (3) acres of land for a church sight. Church No. 2 stood about 10′ west of the present church. It was built of logs. Church No. 3 build in 1877 was a framed, weather boarded building. This building was of oak and was mortared as was the custom in those days. In 1928, about 15 feet were added at the north end to both east and west sides forming an east and west transept. At this time, the entire building was veneered in rock from the rock quarry nearby.

John Moore taught and preached in the old church for good many years. His name is mentioned in the history of the Methodist Protestant Church. He was teaching and preaching there as late as 1840. See a list of all the pastors who have served Flat Rock UMC here.

A history of Flat Rock Church was written in 1981 by The Rev. Robert L. Greenawalt for the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Church on September 13, 1981. Rev. Greenawalt’s complete history, including some sketched renderings of the older church structures, and some addendum items created after Rev. Greenawalt’s writing, can be found here.