There are many ways to connect with Flat Rock UMC beyond Sunday morning. We offer a variety of events and programming and these can be found on our Calendar (including open events from Community Lutheran Church).

The largest new initiative that Flat Rock UMC is involved with is the NEW Young Adult Co-Op! This is the partnership of 7+ congregations in the area of NW Guilford County. It’s the goal of the Co-Op to not become a new church or congregation, but rather to help young to middle adults connect beyond their local faith community. To find out more about the Young Adult Co-Op and upcoming events, including, baseball games, pub theology, worship, mission opportunities, and more, please check-out the Co-Op’s Facebook page!

Upcoming Events:
  • May: Cinco de Mayo cook-out & games.
  • June: Pub Theology (topic: gun control)
  • July: Greensboro Grasshoppers game
  • August: Winston-Salem Dash game
  • Coming in September 2019: A variety of weekly offerings & events.